Plug-in allows you to view a map or maps Google Map with markers of your choice in a Joomla article.

In this case, I chose to display the map with two markers (id 2 and 3) and optional :

  • Height 800
  • Navigation bar forced displayed
  • Click over disabled
  • Route disabled
  • Selection of the physical display disabled
  • Default display on satellite

This gives a command : gmapfp id="2" id="3" hmap="800" bar_z_nav="1" click_over="2" itin="2" map_phy="2" map_choix="2"

{gmapfp id="2" id="3" hmap="800" bar_z_nav="1" click_over="2" itin="2" map_phy="2" map_choix="2"}

Since this is a plugin, this card is inserted into an article.

It is therefore possible to include the desired text before and after the map.

It is also possible to insert multiple cards by reinserting the command again the plugin.

Displaying a map with :

  • Width 400
  • Panoramino forced option displayed
  • Forced route displayed
  • Display selection disabled satellite
  • Default view of the map on hybrid

This gives a command : gmapfp id="3" lmap="400" more="1" itin="1" map_nor="2" map_sat="2" map_choix="3"


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