A XSS vulnerability has been detected on the version J3_39F and previous.

Upload the last version and update your version for remove the vulnerability.

The last version used also the ACL to the submission form and the manage of the places in frontend.

On the GitHub, some users have had suspicion of vulnerability on GMapFP.

This is only an error on the name of a plugin that is used by GMapFP.

This error is fixed from the version V3_39F.

The new uploading version is now the V3_39F.


The display "simple list" is now responsive.
This display now also allows to display the image of the place instead of the marker in the list.

A "Travel Book" module was also born.
This module allows your customers to select places and then to re-view them and/or print them.

In the Pro version you can now customize the background of your Google map.
All the details on : GMapFP Pro : Customize your Google map background.

GMapFP vient de sortir de nouveaux modules:

  • FRmapFP : Régions de France.
  • FDmapFP : Départements de France.

Ces modules vous permettent d'afficher une carte de France dont la taille, les couleurs et la redirection des départements ou régions sont totalement paramétrables.

Vous pouvez retrouver cette application sur :


Today, there was a new version of Joomla GMapFP Pro 3.

All these views are now "Responsive".

Your displays adapt to the size of your monitor size.

If, despite our efforts and tests, there were flaws, do not hesitate to let us know.

Since the J3.13F version (version for Joomla 3), GMapFP is now compatible with the SQL servers :

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
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