[SOLVED] How to translate category?

6 years 4 weeks ago - 6 years 3 weeks ago #3357 by Krx

1. Do you have any suggestion how to translate GmapFP category?
I used option "Build Falang Files" and after that I can translate Places, but I still cannot translate Categories.
In Falang contentelements folder I saw generated GMapFP related files for all but category.

In my case I'm translation only Location title, ačlias and description, and I need to translate Gmap categories as well.

2. GmapFP provides frontend location manager.
Do you have any suggestion how to enable editing translations for location title, alias and description in frontend as well?
Is this possible at all?
I assigned one person for add/edit GmapFP locations in frontend.
All works OK except that they cannot manage translation for location title, alias and description.

Any suggestion is welcome :)

Joomla 3.3.6
Falang 1.4.5
GmapFP: J3.59P

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6 years 3 weeks ago #3358 by gmapfp

1. The categories are in "content element" "Categories".
2. For translation, this's falang. Have you post to them, if exist a solution for manage the translation in frontend ?
If not, you can use the Joomla principe.
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6 years 3 weeks ago #3359 by Krx

Thanks for the hint for issue 1.
I haven't noticed that GmapFP category translation is in within Joomlas categories,
because those were already translated :)

For issue 2 - frontend translation, I solved it by customizing GmapFP output:
In Location title and description fields I used this syntax:
- In title field I used this syntax: Croatian title; English Title; German title; etc.
- alias field will be untranslated
- In description field: Croatian description text ; English description text; German description text; etc.
Basically I used semicolon ; as delimeter
I created my own gmapfp template overrides and added some php string related code to explode string into arrays,
and switch function which displays data from array according to currently active language.
If preg_match function doesn't detect ; in those fields, my functions are bypassed completely

With this approach all translation is done via GmapFP frontend location manager :)

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