[SOLVED] Category, subcategory and markers

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I have few questions related to subcategories and markers

My setup:
I have several main categories, and each category have several subcategories.
All main categories doesn't have marker icon set
All subcategories have marker icon set.

All location items are set into one of main categories and one of subcategories of that main category
- I did this so that I can filter all items from main category in map or by subcategory
- I did this so that I can filter all items from main category article list or by subcategory

Question 1:
In map view, items doesn't display subcategory marker icons
If I set marker in main category, all items, from all subcategories would display that marker,
but I would like items to display subcategory markers, not the main category marker
Is this possible?

Edit: I Solved it by changing $first_cat = $first_cat[0]; line in gmapfp.php into something more appropriate,
so that if detects more than one category (parent, and subcategory), it displays subcategory marker

Question 2:
In Gmapfp article list view, all item titles are shown like this:
Item Name (Main category name, Subcategory name) - all set categories are shown divided by commas
Is it possible to exclude main category from items title, so that it shows only subcategory?

Edit: I solved it by adding if( !next( $catids ) ) { into foreach function which displays categories
(I created my own template override)

Latest Joomla 3.8.8, Latest GmapFP

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